Congratulations Meyden Team!

Crews have finished up work in Bellevue, WA! This mixed-use building is equipped with luxury amenities including two private courtyards, resident lounges, special space for your pet and an expansive gym. Located in the heart of Old Bellevue, residents will have access easy access to work, parks, shopping, restaurants, museums, nightlife, and connections to the Puget Sound area. The Meyden, itself has leased spaces too: CVS Pharmacy, Whisk, Belle Pastry, Green Lake Jewelry, Bellevue Barbershop and a Paul Choi restaurant. Residents won’t have to go far to enjoy these conveniences. The modern interior designed spaces are stunning and welcoming while the architecture by Benson & Bohl incorporates the charm of the Old Bellevue area, making the Meyden a fitting addition to the neighborhood.

This property has come along way from the gas and dry cleaner that once occupied the site. The Meyden is named after William Meydenbauer, who was the first settler to the Bellevue area in the 1800s.

Our crew did an excellent job executing this 5-story mixed-use project and worked hard to get it pulled together. Thank you: Todd Rankin, Erik Benzel, Jared Osborn, Renay Luzama and Bill M. Robinson.

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