Rolling Hills Job Site Welcomes Young Ambassadors

mg-rolling-hills-site-visit-collage (1)

A couple weeks ago, SRM Construction hosted a site tour for the Young Ambassadors Leadership Academy (YALA). The tour included a site walk, guest speakers and a BBQ lunch. 

Upon their arrival, the Young Ambassadors were greeted with a safety package and a flow chart for structural concrete construction. Mike McMaster, President of Imac Construction and host, started the tour regarding overall safety and how to read the flow chart. After the kids strapped on their hard hats and safety vests, the site tour included the underside of a post-tension deck where an experiment was conducted with rubber bands to show how a post-tension tendon works and a simulation on how to pump concrete on an elevated deck. The tour was finalized with a Q&A session while the BBQ chicken and ribs were grilling!

YALA started in 2009 with the idea to start a non-profit organization centered on the belief that all children have the ability to reach their highest potential and be successful, if they are given the opportunity to develop their confidence, enhance their communication and build leadership skills.

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