Monterey Crew Places Massive Rainwater Tank

Merrill Gardens at Monterey has a big tank to fill! The crew had the unique task of placing a 9,000 pound rainwater harvesting tank located partially under the main building entry. The 65 foot long tank is capable of holding 30,000 gallons of rainwater! Fallen rainwater from the roof of the main building will be captured in the massive Flowtite tank then dispersed through pipes to irrigate the site. The overflow is connected to the storm drain system that runs through a 60,000 gallon Subsurface Retention Filtration System, which then runs to an Energy Dissipater prior to flowing into the creek that cuts its way through the property.  Monterey has an average rainfall of 21.16 inches yearly and with the severe water shortages that California has been experiencing, every drop of water is valuable. This is an interesting feature of the Monterey project and one that will greatly impact the landscape of the project once complete.

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